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Many factors affect the interior style. When deciding on a brand or collection of electrical accessories, it is worth paying attention not only to the aspect of product functionality and convenience of use, but also to the aesthetics of the workmanship and such qualities as colour and shape.

Thanks to them, clients can easily highlight the most important qualities of their interior and accentuate its style that they would like to develop through the right choice of materials and colours. Wall-mounted electrical switches or electrical sockets are important details: their right choice matching the interior concept complements and emphasizes the style of its residents.


One of the most important advantages of the DECO collection is a wide selection of frames which make the products look like subtle room décor. The DECO and DECO Soft universal frames are designed for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

They are available in single to fivefold versions and come in many colours and materials, such as plastic, concrete, natural wood, wood- or glass-effect material, thus giving unlimited possibilities to create individual combination of the mechanism colour with the frame.


The MINI electrical equipment is the latest collection of sockets and switches. The products combine the most important advantages of contemporary design (i.e. economical form dependent on the devices function) with the finishing aesthetics and modern colours, in line with current colour trends in interior design.

Small size of frames makes a wall-mounted complete product look discreet: it perfectly complements the designer’s concept but does not change the interior style in a revolutionary way.