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About company

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We have produced electrical installation equipment since 1978 which from its smallest element to the final shape is a result of commitment, work, time and emotions of our family business employees.

The knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years allow us to create beautiful and functional products of very good quality. A proper investment strategy, employing specialized management staff and  implementing modern technology make us increasingly better producers of  electro-installation equipment such as: sockets and switches.

The renown of our company and the quality of our products are confirmed by numerous certificates, with the most important one: the Quality Certificate complying with the requirements of the standard: ISO 9001: 2015 issued by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.

From the beginning of our activity our current position on the market has gone through many stages. We cordially invite you to travel through time and the most significant dates in our production history.

Our passion and commitment to long-term goals are our assets.  Following  the values which have shaped us, we are consistently going to pursue our development strategy in the years to come.

Inviting you to cooperation we guarantee reliability, fast service and meeting expectations, as our value is built on the satisfaction of our clients, business partners and our employees.

Karlik Elektrotechnik