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Manufactured in Nekla _ POLAND

Karlik company was set up by Jerzy Karlik on May 20th, 1978.

In 1970s Ewa and Jerzy Karlik begin their adventure and start production of electrical installation equipment in Nekla, in Wrzesińska street. New achievements and freak challenges have accompanied them for over 40 years. Let us follow the time line throughout the most significant dates in the history of production.

An inspiration to start business

Jan Karlik _ the electrician

We must mention the name of Jan Karlik, Jerzy’s father, who worked as an electrician in Nekla borough from 1960s to 1980s. He struggled with the lack of basic electrical installation equipment and in that way in 1978 he became an inspiration for his son to begin production of counter boards made of paper and fenol plates, and then, also sockets and flush-mounted switches.


The first logo

The first logo was designed by Jerzy Karlik.

The frist sockets and switches

We produced sockets, and then switches for five years.

The beginnings were not easy, lack of resources and working force as well as unfavourable system with pressure from central authority were – among others – the obstacles to face. In 1986 an investor bought the whole production with the tooling.


Difficult beginnigs

Various ideas for business.

The system of the time strongly limited craft, which in result mobilised Jerzy Karlik to generate new ideas for his own business. At first, floats, plug insoles and spacers were produced. In that time, an idea to make hermetic switches arouse.


Hermetic switches of SENIOR series

In 1988  the production of hermetic switches IP44 of SENIOR series began. Several years later, Jan Karlik, Jerzy’s father started producing hermetic switches. In that period, round hermetic boxes and plug inserts were also produced.


Machines needed

An injection press used in 1990s to produce switches of SENIOR and LIZA series.


Further generations

Arkadiusz and Kamila

Arkadiusz and Kamila – Ewa and Jerzy’s children were involved in the business at a very early age, and have taken an active part until today.


Production and trade

Cooperation with KLEINHUIS and PEHA began.

In years 1994-1996 KARLIK company apart from switches and hermetic boxes production, cooperated with German company PEHA Paul Hochköpper GmbH & Co. KG, and cocurently assembled and packed the partner’s sockets and switches. In the meanwhile, the company also distributed electrical tunnels produced by KLEINHUIS company.

First development of the company

Consistency in actions as well as keeping high quality of the products led to robust developmnent of the company. In 1990s both the plant and the head office were extended for the first time.

A wide range of products

Switches of SENIOR and LIZA series.

In years 1994-2001 the company produced switches of SENIOR and LIZA series, hermetic boxes, as well as fuse connectors and housings. The production is continued to this day.


Karlik Elektrotechnik Ltd.

Change of the name and logo of the company.

In 1996 the company began its activity under the name Karlik Elektrotechnik Ltd. Company based on strong family grounds gave an opportunity to create varoius products for others.